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Simplified Chinese form: 胸中无数

Mandarin (Zhuyin): ㄒㄩㄥ ㄓㄨㄥ ㄨˊ ㄕㄨˋ
Mandarin (Pinyin): xiōng zhōng wú shù
Cantonese (Jyutping): hung1 zung1 mou4 sou3
Definition: see 心中無數〔心中无数〕

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Chinese characters used in this word

bosom, breast, chest, heart, feelings, thorax
Mandarin: ㄒㄩㄥ (xiōng)
Cantonese: hung1
Japanese: キョウ (kyou) / むね (mune)、 むな- (muna-)
Korean: 흉 (hyung)
Vietnamese: hung, hông
Semantic variant forms:

in, inside, middle, mean, center, central, in the midst of, hit (target), attain
Mandarin: ㄓㄨㄥ (zhōng), ㄓㄨㄥˋ (zhòng)
Cantonese: zung1, zung3
Japanese: チュウ (chuu) / なか (naka)、 うち (uchi)、 あた.る (ataru)
Korean: 중 (jung)
Vietnamese: trung, trúng

nothingness, none, ain't, nothing, nil, not, negative, no, lack, have no
Mandarin: ㄨˊ (wú), ㄇㄛˊ (mó)
Cantonese: mou4
Japanese: ム (mu)、 ブ (bu) / な.い (nai)、 なかれ (nakare)
Korean: 무 (mu)
Vietnamese: vô, mô
Simplified Chinese form:
Semantic variant forms:

number, strength, fate, law, figures, several, count
Mandarin: ㄕㄨˋ (shù), ㄕㄨˇ (shǔ), ㄕㄨㄛˋ (shuò)
Cantonese: sok3, sou2, sou3
Japanese: スウ (suu)、 ス (su)、 サク (saku)、 ソク (soku)、 シュ (shu) / かず (kazu)、 かぞ.える (kazoeru)、 しばしば (shibashiba)、 せ.める (semeru)、 わずらわ.しい (wazurawashii)
Korean: 수 (su), 삭 (sag)
Vietnamese: sổ, số, sác, xúc
Simplified Chinese form:
Simplified Japanese form: