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Simplified Chinese form: 大学入学指定科目考试

Mandarin (Zhuyin): ㄉㄚˋ ㄒㄩㄝˊ ㄖㄨˋ ㄒㄩㄝˊ ㄓˇ ㄉㄧㄥˋ ㄎㄜ ㄇㄨˋ ㄎㄠˇ ㄕˋ
Mandarin (Pinyin): Dà xué Rù xué Zhǐ dìng Kē mù Kǎo shì
  1. Advanced Subjects Test, university entrance exam that assesses candidates’ higher level knowledge of specific subjects and their readiness to study in their selected academic discipline (Tw)

  2. abbr. to 指考

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Chinese characters used in this word

large, big, great, vast, high
Mandarin: ㄉㄚˋ (dà), ㄉㄞˋ (dài), ㄊㄞˋ (tài)
Cantonese: daai6
Japanese: ダイ (dai)、 タイ (tai)、 タ (ta) / おお- (oo-)、 おお.きい (ookii)、 -おお.いに (-ooini)、 はじめ (hajime)、 おおいに (ooini)
Korean: 대 (dae), 다 (da), 태 (tae)
Vietnamese: đại, thái

learning, knowledge, school
Mandarin: ㄒㄩㄝˊ (xué), ㄒㄧㄠˊ (xiáo), ㄏㄨㄚˊ (huá), ㄐㄧㄠˋ (jiào)
Cantonese: hok6
Japanese: ガク (gaku) / まな.ぶ (manabu)
Korean: 학 (hag)
Vietnamese: học
Simplified Chinese form:
Simplified Japanese form:
Semantic variant form:

enter, insert, come in(to), join
Mandarin: ㄖㄨˋ (rù)
Cantonese: jap6
Japanese: ニュウ (nyuu)、 ジュ (ju)、 ジュウ (juu) / い.る (iru)、 -い.る (-iru)、 -い.り (-iri)、 い.れる (ireru)、 -い.れ (-ire)、 はい.る (hairu)
Korean: 입 (ib)
Vietnamese: nhập

finger, point to, indicate, put into, play (chess), measure (ruler), toe, point
Mandarin: ㄓˇ (zhǐ), ㄓ (zhī)
Cantonese: zi2
Japanese: シ (shi) / ゆび (yubi)、 さ.す (sasu)、 -さ.し (-sashi)
Korean: 지 (ji)
Vietnamese: chỉ

determine, fix, establish, decide, settle
Mandarin: ㄉㄧㄥˋ (dìng)
Cantonese: deng6, ding6
Japanese: テイ (tei)、 ジョウ (jou) / さだ.める (sadameru)、 さだ.まる (sadamaru)、 さだ.か (sadaka)、 さだめ (sadame)
Korean: 정 (jeong)
Vietnamese: định, đính

department, course, section, science
Mandarin: ㄎㄜ (kē), ㄎㄜˋ (kè)
Cantonese: fo1
Japanese: カ (ka) / しな (shina)、 とが (toga)
Korean: 과 (gwa)
Vietnamese: khoa

eye, class, look, insight, experience, care, favor, see, division, topic
Mandarin: ㄇㄨˋ (mù)
Cantonese: muk6
Japanese: モク (moku)、 ボク (boku) / め (me)、 -め (-me)、 ま- (ma-)、 まなこ (manako)、 さかん (sakan)
Korean: 목 (mog)
Vietnamese: mục

consider, think over, examine, test, investigate
Mandarin: ㄎㄠˇ (kǎo)
Cantonese: haau2
Japanese: コウ (kou) / かんが.える (kangaeru)、 かんが.え (kangae)
Korean: 고 (go)
Vietnamese: khảo
Semantic variant form:

test, try, attempt, experiment, ordeal
Mandarin: ㄕˋ (shì)
Cantonese: si3, si5
Japanese: シ (shi) / こころ.みる (kokoromiru)、 ため.す (tamesu)
Korean: 시 (si)
Vietnamese: thí
Simplified Chinese form: