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Quốc ngữ:đệ
  1. (only before Sino-Vietnamese numerals) ordinal number marker, used only to mark the generation of a person who shares their name with their parents or grandparents, equivalent to the use of I, II, III, etc. in English.

  2. (only before Sino-Vietnamese numerals, rare) ordinal number marker in general

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Chinese characters used in this word

No., residence, sequence, number, grade, degree
Mandarin: ㄉㄧˋ (dì)
Cantonese: dai6
Japanese: ダイ (dai)、 テイ (tei) / ついで (tsuide)、 やしき (yashiki)、 ただ (tada)
Korean: 제 (je)
Vietnamese: đệ, nồng